84 King Street West, Brockville, Ontario K6V 3P9

22 Courthouse

KingHill Properties purchased the former Brockville Club in 2015. The property has a long and significant history in the heart of downtown Brockville. The stately stone house was built around 1835 and was originally the residence of Alexander and Janet Morris. It later became the home of the Bank of Upper Canada in the 1860's, was a residence and surgery for Drs. Gasciogne and Vaux between the 1880's and 90's, and in 1899 the property transformed into the Brockville Club, initiated by a group of local prominent businessmen. For many years, it was a "men's only club" but in later years welcomed women as well. Today it is home of Felicia O Hara Law Office.

224 King Street

Downtown King Street's largest remaining limestone commercial structure was erected around 1870 for William Gilmour. He and his son Thomas operated a large grocery and wholesale business at this site for roughly 85 years. In it's more recent past it has been the home of Sheridan Furniture, and most currently Reliable Home Furnishings. If you take a walk through the store, you will see exposed hand hewn beams adorned with some graffiti from the 1800s.

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